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FTL Freight and How it Works

FTL Freight and How it Works

Your Guide to Using FTL Freight
Several businesses have truckloads of items they need to move from one destination to another. This situation is called FTL freight because it takes up an entire truckload. Anything that takes up less than a truckload is LTL freight, which is important to understand from a logistics standpoint.
FTL freight is the most popular option when shipping perishable goods because there are fewer interruptions during this route. However, this option is more expensive than LTL freight because it's a full-service job that takes priority.
Please continue reading to learn more about FTL freight and how it works. In addition, our guide will give you insight into the best time to use FTL freight instead of LTL.
What is FTL Freight?
FTL is an acronym for full truckload, so the concept of FTL freight refers to filling an entire truck of goods and having it serviced. This option is not popular when you only want to ship a few items, but you can still rent out the truck if you would like. For example, people who transport large amounts of perishable goods usually opt for FTL freight even if it doesn't take the full truck to transport.
So, the type of freight you pay for depends on what you're looking for from the shipment company. If you're worried about your items getting passed around through too many hands, then FTL freight is the way to go because it experiences fewer interruptions. However, if you're transporting small amounts of cheaper items, you don't have to worry about this option.
Best Situations for FTL freight
Are you still wondering when you should use FTL or LTL freight? It's easy to get these two options mixed up. Consider using FTL freight in the following scenarios.
  • You're transporting expensive goods: When you're moving precious cargo, you need to take extra care of it because replacements are difficult. We recommend using FTL freight in this situation, so it doesn't get mishandled.
  • You're transporting a large volume of product: As the name suggests, a full truckload of items warrants FTL freight. A team will service the entire truckload and ensure that everything's intact.
  • You're transporting perishable goods: It's a popular practice for restaurants or grocery stores to use FTL freight to transport perishable items. There are fewer interruptions, so the perishables get to their destination quicker using this method.
  • You need to send and receive shipments quicker: Urgent situations call for FTL freight. If you need to receive items ASAP, go with this option.
It's best for business owners to make wise financial decisions regarding how they handle their freight. You'll need to weigh the pros and cons before choosing your preferred shipment method.
Final Thoughts
We recommend hiring a team of professionals whenever you need FTL freight. Contact American Manufacturing Solutions today for your FTL freight needs! We have years of experience in that yard management and will ensure that your products go where they're needed.


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