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Optimize Your LTL freight

Optimize Your LTL freight

Using LTL Freight Solutions for Your Business
LTL freight is handy when making small shipments or receiving small freight packages. For example, if you have an emergency shipment sent to your business, you're likely using less than a truckload. LTL freight solutions are a great way to save money by not buying the full truck when you don't need it.
However, there are more things you need to understand about LTL freight to ensure that you make the right decision. Some products do better on FTL freight, even if it doesn't take up the entire truck. You'll need to do business calculations to ensure you make the right shipment option.
Please continue reading to learn more about LTL freight and how you can optimize your yard management solutions. The freight options you choose for your company greatly impact your bottom line because it affects your supply chain. Supply chain management is a crucial aspect of owning a warehouse.
What is LTL Freight
LTL freight stands for less than a truckload. So, you can safely assume that this option is handy when you're not making a full shipment. Many business owners don't want to buy an entire trailer from a third-party manufacturing solutions company if it's unnecessary. However, this also means you'll be sharing space with other businesses.
In addition to sharing space with other businesses, many business owners are wary of this solution because your items pass through more hands. When you have more people involved in the shipment process, the likelihood of human error increases. That's why you must choose yard management solutions with an excellent reputation.
However, it's important to note that LTL freight packages are larger than your standard parcel. People don't usually use LTL freight to ship regular products to consumers. Companies are more likely to use this method to ship products to and from warehouses.
When LTL Freight is Your Best Option
It can be difficult to choose between LTL and FTL freight for your shipment solutions. These are the best times to use LTL freight over the other options.
  • You're shipping several cheap items
  • The products you're shipping are not urgent
  • You only need a small amount of space
  • You trust the company that handles these shipments
Whenever you encounter these situations, it would be best not to consume a whole truckload of space. You'll save plenty of money on LTL shipments in these situations. However, bear in mind that LTL freight does not transport over the weekend. That's one of the reasons it's not great for urgent items.
Final Thoughts
The key to having an excellent free experience is choosing a reputable company to ship your products. Contact American Manufacturing Solutions today to improve your LTL freight! Our professionals specialize in yard management and other supply chain solutions that can benefit your company.
Our team can also help you determine whether your shipment would be best with LTL or FTL freight solutions. We'll make these decisions easier than ever before regarding your yard management tasks.


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