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FTL Freight - What is FTL Freight?

FTL Freight - What is FTL Freight?

FTL simply means Full Truck Load. That means if you are looking to ship via FTL, your cargo should be of a large enough quantity to fill an entire trailer on its own. Or maybe, you are looking to have a trailer dedicated to your business’ shipment alone. Shipments that exceed 10,000 pounds are usually shipped FTL. There are some really great benefits choosing to ship via FTL Freight shipping.

Benefits to shipping FTL Freight

Whether you choose FTL because you truly have a full load, or for other reasons, there are clear advantages to shipping by way of FTL freight. For this reason, some choose to ship FTL freight even when their cargo is not really a full trailer load. Many businesses find comfort in knowing their goods are their drivers first and only concern.

FTL freight is a time saverTime Saver: Shipping FTL freight, is also beneficial in a time sensitive freight shipment. That’s because, in an FTL freight shipment, it is the one and only priority. When compared to LTL, a shared trailer scenario, there will be time saved on other shippers stops, and possible unloading and loading again.


FTL freight is a safe solution to get your product to your customersSafe Travels: With exclusive trailer space, FTL Freight shipping is a great option for your business in the shipment of fragile or high-risk cargo. There is a great sense of satisfaction in knowing your shipment will be in one truck from point A to point B. That leaves great comfort in knowing it won’t be moved or handled more than what is necessary to get it safely into the hands of your awaiting client.

FTL Freight VS LTL Freight

On Average, what separates an FTL freight from an LTL Freight is size. But, many times the choice comes down to what is more convenient. In an LTL shipment, because the trailer is shared with other companies, there is time lost in shipping at each stop made.

There are a few key points to consider when you make your choice between shipment options.

FTL freight VS LTL Freight

Is my shipment time sensitive?

FTL Freight is great for time sensitive deliveriesYou may find clear advantages to a Full designated truckload, or FTL freight. You may also want to consider what type of trailer works best for your shipment.


How big is my shipment?

Contact our experienced staff at American Manufacturing Solutions. We can help you choose what will work best for your shipping needs be that FTL freight, LTL freight, or another type of logistics service we offer.

Is my shipment delicate or fragile? Does it need exclusive attention?

FTL freight is great for fragile loads

What will fit best with my budget?

We have a solution that will fit your business’s budget perfectly!

If you have found that FTL Freight will be the best option for you, you may also want to check into the different trailer styles we offer. Choosing the right trailer for your shipment will ensure great results.

Will the weather and elements affect my shipment in any way?

Weather can effect shipping, choose FTL freight to help combat that

Here at American Manufacturing Solutions, we are happy to offer flatbeds, dry trailers, and the much sought after, Conestoga trailer. We are sure to be able to meet your shipping needs, whatever the shape or the size.

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