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Why ship with a Conestoga Flatbed Trailer?

Why ship with a Conestoga Flatbed Trailer?

When you hear the word Conestoga, where does your mind wander? Are you taken back to the 1600’s, to a time where the dirt roads are lined with horses, and covered wagons? That’s exactly where the word Conestoga comes from, but the innovative Conestoga Flatbed Trailer of today has really evolved over the years. The Conestoga flatbed trailer has improved shipping for both the shipper and the receiver.

Conestoga Flatbed Trailer open with boxesThe tarp-system Conestoga has made irregular and specialized shipments a breeze, offering the best of both a flatbed and a dry van trailer. Combining the best of both a flatbed and a dry van trailer, the Conestoga Flatbed Trailer is a great fit for those irregular shipments and odd-sized loads. You will find your shipment protected from the elements and weather, all the while, giving the driver, and you, peace of mind knowing your cargo is protected. When combined with the versatility of a flatbed during loading and unloading, the Conestoga flatbed trailer is highly sought after.

Conestoga Flatbed Trailer, Not Your Specialized Trailer

Conestoga Flatbed Trailer man openingThe Conestoga flatbed trailer was designed to carry a huge variety of cargo. Steel, lumber, plywood, particleboard, and heavy machinery are just a few examples. Though you will reap all the benefits of a flatbed trailer, you will find all the modern conveniences with a Conestoga flatbed. When you compare to a dry van trailer, it's exciting to think you will have all the protection of a closed trailer, but none of the limitations when loading or unloading. You will no longer be confined by three walls and a roof.

Open sides allow complete access to the cargo, making odd-sized shipments more accessible. This amazing combo makes for one of the most sought after trailers on the road. The versatility of the Conestoga flatbed is undeniable when compared to the traditional flatbed, or even the dry van trailer.

The move-able tarp system makes the Conestoga a dream, giving you the diversity needed for just about any load.

The Conestoga Flatbed Trailer is Time Efficient

Conestoga Flatbed Trailer opening toolTime. Who doesn't wish they had more time? With all their innovative features the Conestoga flatbed trailer offers, drivers have found they are able to make deliveries more efficient, thus, saving the customer time.

Traditionally, an occupied loading doc would be a problem, but the open sides allow for unloading anywhere, really. Drivers are no longer bound by heavy tarps that need to be strapped and unstrapped again. This is particularly helpful when it comes to parcel shipments or backhauls. The tarp system allows the driver access to all areas of the shipment, at all times. This is a fantastic advantage during parcel shipments, permitting more flexibility in a drivers route.


Why are we so excited? The availability of this top-notch trailer here at American Manufacturing Solutions is what makes us so excited! Here at American Manufacturing Solutions its a privilege to be able to offer you flexibility, and options, when it comes to your shipment. We are excited about the advantages a Conestoga flatbed trailer brings to the table.

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