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FTL Freight VS LTL Freight: Which One Should I Use For My Business?

FTL Freight VS LTL Freight: Which One Should I Use For My Business?

There are many benefits and drawbacks when it comes to FTL freight shipping and LTL freight shipping. Some companies are not sure which one to use. If you are confused about which shipping method to use for your goods and merchandise, here are some tips to help you decide.

Keep in mind the one that will work best for you depends on the type of business you do and the goods you sell.

FTL Freight Compared to LTL

First, you need to know the definition of each to help you understand which one is better for business. FTL means full truckload and LTL means less than truckload. When you ship with FTL, you will pay for the cost of the entire truck whether you filled it with merchandise or not.

When you ship with LTL, you will only pay for the portion of the truck you are using. Other people will then ship with the same truck and pay their portion. The truck will then leave for its destination once it’s full.

FTL shipment is almost always faster because you’re not waiting for other people to occupy the rest of the space before the driver can leave. However, FTL is more expensive because you’re paying the cost of the full truck.

FTL does not have any transfers or stops along the way which means there is less of a risk of your things getting damaged during transport.

When to Use FTL Freight Shipping

There are many instances and reasons why you will need to use FTL freight shipping. One of the main reasons is if you are selling perishable goods. FTL means there are no stops from pickup to the destination so your goods will always arrive before they go bad.

Another reason you might use FTL is if your goods are in high demand. You will be able to easily fill up a whole truckload. Your goods will also reach their destination promptly so people are not waiting.

Since cost is the main challenge when it comes to FTL, it might not be the best decision for small business owners or business people that are just starting out. You can save on costs by using LTL shipping until you start having enough clientele or making enough money to warrant FTL freight shipping.

How are FTL Costs Determined?

If you have decided to use FTL shipping, there are many different ways your price for the shipping will be decided. The main factor is the weight of your load and how easy or difficult it will be to transport.

The value of the cargo is also considered as well as if the materials need any special handling.

If you are ready to use FTL freight shipping, contact us at American Manufacturing solutions today. We offer many different services including those needed for packing and shipping. We offer some of the best rates for shipping and are always willing to help you.

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