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What Value-Added Services Can Boost Your Business Organization?

What Value-Added Services Can Boost Your Business Organization?

Your warehouse sorting system doesn’t just have to focus on keeping track of all the details. In many warehouses, you can have value-added services that will boost your production and increase your business. Look out for the following value-added services to give your business an extra boost.


Keeping your warehouse organized may require you to be able to visually see where everything is located. You may also need to specify the differences in the products being made. For example, you may need to identify products that are defected and can’t be sold.

With labeling, you won’t be left to wonder what products are good to go and which ones need to be recycled. Many warehouse companies are providing a value-added service to label your materials and products to your needs.

You can completely customize these labels to show what products are damaged, what products need a warning label, or what products are fragile and need to be handled with extra care.


Some products that businesses make must be inspected before they go out for shipment. Warehouse companies are now adding inspections to their list of value-added services. If you need an inspection of a set of products or materials, you can get that inspection so you can be sure that you are following all placed regulations.


When you have kits as an available value-added service, companies will preassemble your products into kits to be put together later. You can ship out these kits to your warehouse or out to stores. At your warehouse, these kits make it easy to put together your products for selling purposes.

Having kits available is perfect if you create products that have a lot of parts. You won’t have to worry about running out of a specific part before others which would prevent you from creating your products.


In your warehouse, there may come a time when you need some light manufacturing done for your products. If there is something in your warehouse that you need, but aren’t set up to do, you can use the value-added service of manufacturing to bring everything that you need together.

Many warehouse companies are making manufacturing available to businesses all over. This is super helpful if your location is currently missing something that you can’t live without.

Find All of These Value-Added Services and More at American Manufacturing Solutions

If all of these value-added solutions sound enticing to your company, know that American Manufacturing Solutions have all of these services available in their warehouses. Any of the above, including more services, are available by this company so that your business can keep running without having to outsource extra help.

American Manufacturing Solutions has many warehouse services along with highly trained staff so that you can get more profit and spend less. If you are interested in using any of American Manufacturing Solution’s value-added solutions, give them a call at 419-300-1007 for warehouse 1 or 419-300-1008 for warehouse 2. You can also contact the team on the website.

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