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3PL - Getting Things Where They Need to Be

3PL - Getting Things Where They Need to Be

Everyone has had experiences with companies like Amazon where you realize you need a product ASAP and need it delivered in just a few days. Despite you just having to click one button to place an order, a whole chain of events is kicked off that gets your package to you. However, the newest form of storage and product shipping has taken form in 3PL which seems to be taking the shipping world by storm.


What is 3PL?

What is 3PL?The phrase 3PL has been thrown around frequently since its relatively recent conception with many people not knowing what it means and stands for. All 3PL stands for is Third Party Logistics. What this is in a business and shipping sense is a way for sellers to outsource some of their logistical needs to a company that works with the storage and value-added services that are often associated with shipping products. Many consumers rarely consider the many logistics that go into getting packages where they need to go, but the 3PL companies out there are taking on a heavy workload to get your package shipped efficiently.

What Do 3PL Companies do?

Depending on the 3PL company and their level of involvement with the seller, their services can range from just basic product storage all the way to delivering products to the consumer. The two primary functions of a Third Party Logistics company are storage and product movement which will be looked at in more depth.


As your company grows larger and larger, you will often find that you are delegating certain aspects of your business to outside parties. This is a form of 3PL that can often take the form of having another company take care of storing and managing your product inventory. Large companies that deal with the products of many smaller companies are able to manage all of their products within various warehouses across the country. Having a 3PL teamwork with the storage and product management of your inventory removes the stress of maintaining your own inventory and keeps it in the hands of the experts.

Shipping LogisticsShipping Logistics with 3PL

Not only do the best 3PL teams offer warehousing, but they also offer a variety of mobility services for moving cargo and inventory to where it to be. A company with a larger fleet of trucks may even have various options for you to chose how you want your cargo to be moved. Utilizing the 3PL services to help you move products around will save you time and money by letting a logistically strong company take all of the stress out of you having to move products.

Taking Care of Business

A 3PL that wants to help your business grow will do whatever they can to help your company be the best that it can be. Companies like American Manufacturing Solutions have a variety of storage locations and a growing number of trucks that are working around the clock to help manage the logistics of many businesses that trust them with their most important duties. Contact us today!

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