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Value Added Services - Why They Are Important

Value Added Services - Why They Are Important

Every time a customer clicks the order button on a website and waits for their product to arrive, a long series of events begins to unfold almost immediately. To illustrate the journey a product will go through with a 3PL business that helps out another business to get their customer’s what they want through value added services, we will take a look at what exactly happens when a customer hits order from the first click to the storage facilities and beyond.

Value Added Services are Wanted

Value Added Services are NeededThe first step in any order made by a customer is the desire for some value added services that they plan on ordering online to help them complete a task. The second they click on a website to order a product a message is instantly sent to the original business to process the order.

Order Processing

The initial order is now on its way to the website or business that sells the product, and this is where the fun begins. After a product is ordered, the payment for the product has to be processed by the business to make sure that all the money related issues are sorted out. The customer will then receive a notification that their order has been paid for and will be getting processed shortly. But what exactly happens when a product gets processed?

The Order is Sent to the 3PL Company

Now that the first business and customer have completed their deal, the new 3PL company steps in to help the first business with their order processing. The Third-Party Logistics company will receive the confirmation for the order from the original business which will allow them to begin to start their logistical chain of events. Most 3PL companies will have their own warehousing services that store and manage the original businesses products so that the allocation and confirmation of the product’s status can be relayed to the first business and customer.

Shipping Out

The order has now been registered at the 3PL storage facility and they are now getting ready to take care of the shipping procedures. The storage facility and shipping should be taken care of the same 3PL company, so the shipping units will know what they need to transport and where to take it before they even get to the warehouse for pickup. An effective 3PL company will be able to take care of most shipping and storage needs to get the customers just what they are looking for. 

Delivery Daydelivery day

What was to the customer just one click was an entire chain of events for the business and its 3Pl partners that could have spanned many miles and taken many hands to help and deliver. What matters, in the end, is that the customer is happy, and the delivery was made successfully. 3PL companies like American Manufacturing Solutions are able to help businesses of all sizes and backgrounds with their storage and delivering needs so customers everywhere can come back for more and start the process all over again.

Getting Value Added Services to your Customers

If you now have a better understanding of what goes into providing value-added services to your customers, you might be ready to take the leap to get involved with a 3PL organization to help you manage your inventory. American Manufacturing Solutions are a comprehensive and dedicated group that will help you in your business expansion and are the key to ensuring your customers are getting the products they need. Contact Us today!

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