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Logistics - The Key Tool for Customer Retention

Logistics - The Key Tool for Customer Retention

Businesses jump through all sorts of hoops in efforts to maintain good relationships with their customers, but the truth is that the single best thing any business can do in order to keep customers coming back is to figure out a solid logistics system.

Strong logistics means that your customers will have their orders filled on-time every time. Put simply, logistics takes the business out of the realm of being an idea and brings it into the real world. Customers judge businesses on a variety of factors but the single most important is the logistics experience.

Common logistics pitfalls

Common logistics pitfallsCompanies make mistakes with their logistics systems all the time, most commonly stemming from fundamental choices they’ve made. Many smaller firms decide early on that they think they can handle the logistics for their company in-house. This seems like it might lead to savings and efficiency, but can often be a huge hazard.

In-house logistics operations must take into account all the complicated factors that go into the supply chain and execute at a high level in order to be successful. This means that what’s happening is essentially a shipping network being built from the ground up, oftentimes by professionals whose expertise lies elsewhere. The enormity of these tasks means mistakes like late shipments, lost orders, and extreme delays are simply inevitable.

When these problems spill out, customers are left hanging. No matter how high-quality your product might be, if it arrives after a significant delay your customer will not be happy. Getting the wrong item, too, ensures a terrible experience for customers. If your logistics system becomes a problem for the customer, you can essentially kiss that account goodbye.

Working with good logistics partners

Working with good logistics partnersMany firms attempt to improve their logistics system by working with a third party to handle that aspect of the business. In essence, this is a good idea, but the wrong partner can bring just as many problems as a business would face handling logistics on their own.

Good partners know how to listen and work with businesses to meet their needs quickly and efficiently. A logistics partner with its own network will be able to offer serious savings. By utilizing a large network, the costs of individual parcels should go down. For a business owner to be able to pass that kind of saving onto a customer is a real success.
Customers who find their packages delivered for less will be much more likely to rate their experience as a good one. Customers are unlikely to make distinctions between the failure of a logistics partner and a failure of the company itself. In other words, the logistics partner needs to be able to get things right every time, otherwise, customer retention becomes a real concern.

Streamline your logistics today!

Working with an established logistics partner will ensure your products arrive safely and quickly every single time. American Manufacturing Solutions is able to provide the kind of support you need to make logistics work for you. They know how to get your cargo exactly where it needs to go, and how to help your business move efficiently in this fast-paced world.

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