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LTL Freight Increasing Efficiency of Small Businesses

LTL Freight Increasing Efficiency of Small Businesses

Shipping logistics has always been one of the most difficult problems for a new small business to solve. When it comes to sending out packages in a quick, efficient manner, it’s difficult for small firms to set up the kinds of systems they need. LTL Freight has been a real boon for many small businesses and makes this job much easier to manage.

LTL Freight: Ideal for Small Businesses

LTL Freight: Ideal for Small BusinessesThe concept of LTL, or "Less than a Truck-Load," freight is basically to make shipping much more efficient for both shippers and customers. When a truck is sent on a run across the country, it's often not completely filled. In the past, the empty space in that truck would have just been left empty, but modern shipping experts are increasing efficiency by finding ways to combine loads and maximize the amount packed into each truck.

When large companies handle their shipping, they’re often able to provide enough capital to employ large fleets of trucks and drivers. By controlling more of the shipping chain itself, these big players move their goods around with ease.

Small businesses with smaller loads to ship don’t usually have the resources for this kind of overkill logistics strategy. Instead, these businesses have to be much smarter with their resources. One way to do that is to piggyback their packages onto unfilled trucks; LTL freight allows for better rates and a smoother delivery chain than they’d get by trying to fill whole shipments on their own.

Saving money with LTL Freight

Saving money with LTL FreightWithout LTL freight, businesses would only be able to ship long distances when they had a load large enough to make such an endeavor worthwhile. With this option available to more consumers, though, there is no longer a need for small businesses to try to maximize the amount they ship at one time.

Instead, LTL freight allows for cargo well below 15,000 pounds to be loaded into a trailer along with items from several other businesses. Each one only pays for a portion of the trailer, meaning that savings are spread among the whole group.

This system releases small businesses from the burden of having to build up to a full trailer before being able to fill an order. Instead, orders can be filled while the company is still growing. Keeping customers happy with fast, efficient shipping allows for small ideas to turn into big ones, and for the business to jump up in size consistently.

LTL freight with AMS

If you have loads that won't quite fill a trailer, look to American Manufacturing Solutions to help sort out all your logistics needs. AMS has a team of shipping experts who can examine your needs and settle on a solution that will work well for you. They have an extensive list of LTL freight options, and there will be no problem making sure that your packages arrive safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Consider this option for your shipping needs and help your business grow!

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