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LTL Freight: Making Greener Shipments for Everyone

LTL Freight: Making Greener Shipments for Everyone

LTL freight is an advancement in logistics planning that makes it possible for customers to take their smaller loads and combine them to maximize efficiency in the shipping network. This system affords great savings to customers, better efficiency for the shippers themselves, and it's a great way to think about making a greener shipping network.

If your business needs to transport cargo but does not want to contribute to waste in the shipping system, you should learn the ins and outs of LTL freight to see if this might be the best way for you to go.

No wasted space with LTL freight

No wasted space with LTL freightIn the past, trailers would usually be commissioned by individual firms. This would mean that the company has a great deal of control over the job at hand, but also that the trailer itself would usually not end up being full. While it may have seemed like only marginal space that was being wasted, this waste can take a real toll on the environment over time.
The development of LTL, or “Less than truckload” shipping attacks this problem head-on by bundling together different shipments to better fill trailers. The system is attractive to small businesses who are free from the burden of having to pay for an entire trailer when they want to make shipment. What’s more, it stops shipping companies from sending out half-full trailers by incentivizing them to find places for more efficiency.

Companies who utilize LTL freight don’t need to worry about whether they will be paying for trailer space they don’t actually need. Instead, they only pay for the space their cargo will actually take up, and their shipping partners are able to fill each and every trailer as much as possible before it’s sent on the road.

Building a better shipping network with LTL freight

Over time, it will become easier and easier for companies to manage LTL freight systems, and that will lead to greater increases in the effectiveness of shipping networks. We’re not too far away from a time where no truck will ever waste time on the road hauling an incomplete trailer.

In the meantime, firms that look to take advantage of this system will be doing both themselves and the environment a big favor. Items can still be sent across the country quickly even when they don’t add up to a complete truckload. By allowing smart logistics companies to handle their freight using an LTL system, businesses of any size can make sure their drivers waste no gas when moving their items.

Taking advantage of the LTL freight options with AMS

Taking advantage of the LTL freight options with AMSIf you’re looking to upgrade your shipping network to one that does not waste time or space on the trailer, look no further than American Manufacturing Solutions. Our team are absolute experts in all kinds of shipping needs, and we know how to work with you to identify the best shipping strategy. We know that maximizing efficiency allows us to find savings we can pass directly on to you. Doing all that while also making your supply chain more green – now that’s a no-brainer.

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