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McGowan Addresses State of City, American Manufacturing Solutions in Evening Leader

McGowan Addresses State of City, American Manufacturing Solutions in Evening Leader

St. Marys Mayor Pat McGowan finished his state of the city address after rolling out his mayor's report during Monday's city council meeting and again during a St. Marys Kiwanis meeting on Tuesday.


McGowan rolled out his goals for 2019, while also commemorating accomplished goals in 2018 during his two-day tour and of the list of goals the mayor had, a few stood out, including managing the city’s finances, pursing new business and industries, upgrades for the electric department and restoration efforts of the Miami-Erie Canal and reservoir mill.


McGowan touched on the growth of business St. Marys has enjoyed, citing industries such as the American Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) buying the old Kmart building on state Route 703, Celina Tent occupying the recently closed Kmart at the St. Marys Squares shopping center and Kosei Aluminum Company purchasing AAP in December.

“Our economic development department really hit a home run this year in that American Manufacturing Solutions took over the old Kmart building,” he said. We all know what happens there, it is a busy, busy place and it is always full and they are looking to expand. The shopping center will not only be used for light manufacturing, but it will also be made into a retail center.

“The Owner of Kosei, Mr. [Shunkichi] Kamiya, said the facility will be expanding in late 2019 or early 2020. That expansion will bring on more employees and the manufacturing floor will expand by 40 to 50 percent to what it is today.”

McGowan said Kamiya cited the quality of labor force in St. Marys and the city’s electric infrastructure were the two leading causes of locating Kosei to St. Marys.

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