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Sorting and Packaging can slow down your Company

Sorting and Packaging can slow down your Company

If sorting takes up too much time, you can end up losing profit and revenue. Outsourcing some of these efforts will free up your team for bigger issues. Hire a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company to manage your sorting will let you focus on determining on much stock to keep, ensure inventory needs can be met, and provide a direct interface with your customers.

As your company expands and gains more inventory, sorting gets more and more difficult. Sorting through large quantities of material can be cumbersome. With the right sorter equipment, you will be able to get all equipment sorted with just one piece of equipment. Outsource this sorting to the right 3PL company and you will easily be able to stay on top of all your inventory and sorting needs.

How Improved Sorting can help

How Improved Sorting can helpBecoming more efficient at sorting can help your company’s profits skyrocket. With sorting and segregating, a 3PL company can help you separate and sort items in a shipment. This will allow you to stay on top of your shipments and provide better tracking to your end-user customers. Customers expect you to remain fully stocked, have no backorders, be able to ship their goods immediately and to provide tracking information on the goods en route. You cannot complete any of these tasks without a good sorting and inventory system in place.

A good warehouse management system is going to let you easily sort and locate all of your inventory. There is no reason there should ever be a backorder or a delay in delivering materials because you don’t know where they are. A 3PL team can help you sort and keep track of every piece of your inventory from nuts and bolts to big-ticket items.

Don’t let Sorting slow you downDon’t let Sorting slow you down

Something as simple as sorting should not slow your company down. Your company most likely focuses on products. If you make sneakers, make the best sneakers in the world. As your company expands, let a 3PL company handles the ins and outs of the manufacturing, shipping, and sorting processes. You’re the sneaker expert, and you should hire a sorting expert to take care of that task. When you are just starting your business you might not have the capital to hire experts to work for you, but once you get going and have a lot of inventory, you should invest in the right experts to help improve your business.

Understanding when and where to get help is key to any successful business. Reach out and contact us today to learn all about how to improve and become more efficient. By hiring the right team of experts you are going to make your entire company more efficient, which is going to increase customer satisfaction and increase profits and revenues. Using a team to manage your inventory lets you focus your efforts where they belong – on your product. While it might cost you some money upfront, you will more than make up that money when you sell more products because you were able to properly dedicate your time and efforts. 

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