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Using 3PL to Increase Company Profits

Using 3PL to Increase Company Profits

If you own your own business the most efficient use of your time and resources is to put your efforts into the product you make, whatever that product is. You can use a third-party logistics (3PL) company to make your company more efficient and productive. Maybe you have a team of scientists employed to manufacture cutting-edge technology or pharmaceuticals. You wouldn’t want to waste their brainpower doing inventory management and shipping and receiving.


This is where a 3PL company can help. They can manage all aspects of logistics and ensure you never run out of a product, always have the right amount of storage, and can sort, pick, ship and receive as quickly as your customers demand it. Inventory forecasting is also something 3PL companies can do, which means they can monitor industry trends and predict when you might need more or less stock on certain items.

How 3PL can help

How 3PL can helpYou are not an expert at order fulfillment and you do not have to be. Let the experts handle that. You satisfy your customers by making a quality product and let a 3PL company satisfy your customers by fulfilling orders, shipping overnight, and making sure inventory is always in stock. 3PL companies work behind the scenes so your customers will not even know they are there. Think of a 3PL company like Santa’s little elves. They do the grunt work, stocking toys, and preparing the sleigh for delivery. That is a lot of what 3PL companies do – make sure stock is adequate and get items ready to ship out to customers.
Maybe you need an efficient sorting machine. Behemoths like Amazon need efficient sorters so that they can expertly maneuver through high-volume inventory in a fast amount of time. If you need something like that, a 3PL company has the resources you need to sort and pick efficiently.

Using 3PL for Fulfillment NeedsUsing 3PL for Fulfillment Needs

Get some help fulfilling orders. Meeting customer demands is the hardest part of any business. If you are frequently shipping products overnight across the country or across the world, let a 3PL company do that for you. It is a full-time job managing the shipping, receiving, and fulfillment of orders. Don’t make your team of scientists do that when a 3PL company can do that for you and take the stress away.
Don’t wait for a customer to become disgruntled because their favorite product is out of stock. Third-Party Logistics companies can forecast inventory levels using technology to monitor trends and predict ebbs and flow in purchase orders. This forecasting will allow you to always stock the right amount of materials so that you never face a backorder of precious inventory.

Now that you are ready to hire the right 3PL to help your company, reach out and contact us today! We will give you a breakdown of pricing and explain all of the ways that a 3PL company will help make your business more effective, which will ultimately help you increase profits and revenues. Contact Us Today!

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