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The Top Benefits Of Using A 3PL Provider

The Top Benefits Of Using A 3PL Provider

For your business, there are numerous reasons to consider a 3PL provider for value-added services. Some buyers may be on the fence about considering a 3PL, citing the initial cost as a potential turn-off. However, there are tons of benefits to allowing a third-party provider to take some of the burdens off of your business.


1188401135356 10315878The first benefit that likely comes to mind when you think of using a 3PL is flexibility. When you partner with them, you're provided more flexibility in labor, space, and equipment. With your 3PL covering all of these components, you're able to meet your customer's requirements more effectively.

Some 3PL providers will even provide extra physical space for a specific time as a value-added service. This could mean borrowing a warehouse for storing rush inventory, or even booking a meeting space.

Labor resources are considered part of 3PL value-added services. If you have a product campaign that needs a more hands-on approach to keeping your audience's attention, a 3PL will be able to shift their staff to your project and keep your labor cost as low as possible. When you're saving money, you benefit from the flexibility of being able to allocate it elsewhere.


A 3PLs value-added service department is going to be made up of experts. The team will be specifically trained on exactly how to serve your business's needs. With the assistance of a dedicated professional team, your value-added service will allow you to focus on quality and work efficiently.

You can expect high, consistent quality from using a 3PL provider. Through rigorous training and meticulous quality assurance, you know that you will always be getting back a high-quality product or service.

When everything is centralized to one 3PL, communication is much easier. You don't need to figure out which warehouse did what led to a specific problem; with everything done at a one-stop shop, communication is made that much easier.

Ease Of Integration

When you partner with a 3PL, those value-added services will enable the seller or company to work with one specific partner for every one of their logistics needs. With warehouse management, transportation, and yard management available to your 3PL, you can easily integrate them into your business's practices. A seamless process makes it easy to update or change anything as needed along the way.

When the product is in a single fulfillment center, you minimize the cost of moving products and transportation. Everything moves seamlessly from one department to another, before leaving the warehouse and heading straight to you.

Partnering With AMS

3PL is undoubtedly important. It's essential to businesses that want to streamline their processes and better allocate their time and resources.

Partnering with AMS for your value-added services needs is a smart step in the right direction for your business. Contact us, and let us take the wheel and assist you with your latest project. Our team of experts will be able to take your business needs to the next level with services such as warehousing, logistics, electrical services, manufacturing, and more.

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