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Why Yard Management Systems Are Critical

Why Yard Management Systems Are Critical

Manufacturers value knowing where their inventory is in the yard, as doing so will allow the production line and packing and shipping departments to run smoothly. Retail distribution places great value on deliveries being perfectly, precisely on time. This is one of many reasons so many businesses are getting on board with the latest yard management systems.

But what can a yard management system, or YMS, bring to the table for your organization?

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In the times before advanced yard management systems, daily yard checks were a regular day-to-day operation that businesses had to undergo. These were done with pen and paper and required a precise hand. An organization could spend hours correcting what they've found when compared to previous checks.

An advanced YMS will allow for streamlined, advanced looks into where everything is in the yard, how much of it there is, and when it was last moved.


In any manufacturing, distribution, or other product-based business, workplace safety cannot be ignored.

A yard management system can improve safety. It does so by eliminating the need to have people, physical bodies, walking around the yard to perform a manual check. Say goodbye to the risk of falls, drops, or collisions.


Between operational efficiency and spotter efficiency, a yard management system will greatly improve the way your business conducts its yard operations. Operational efficiency is imperative for many facilities. It reduces yard congestion, queuing at the gate, and throughput.

Spotter move times will see an uptick in productivity as well. It enables shuttle drivers to electronically receive, accept, and confirm the completion of move requests. Radio communication, and old-fashioned pen and paper, are no longer needed within the cab.

Process Conformity

With a well-operated yard management system in place, every trailer, tractor, and driver entering the facility is consistently checked in and out. The automated system will check seals and record any damages or shipment information in association with trailer numbers.

With less room for human error, facilities with yard management systems will see smoother overall operations.

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In the past, organizations have been unable to take a full network view of their YMS deployments. When facilities are run in isolation, they usually cannot catch valuable labor savings by consolidating talent into individual, centralized control towers.

A functional yard management system network will allow businesses to pool their assets, including empty trailers and yard trucks. With these merged, they can compare operational effectiveness across all of their locations.

Partnering With AMS For Your Yard Management System

AMS boasts a yard management system complete with on-site freight, trailer moving and inventory, business-to-business solutions, and warehouse to warehouse solutions. We expertly crafted these services with your customers in mind.

We are one of the top solutions for your logistics needs. If you need to optimize your yard management solution, get in contact with us right away. Our team of experts will happily help you get set up with the best tools for your facility's yard.

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