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Value-Added Services: The Assistance You Need to Operate Your Business at Maximum Efficiency

Value-Added Services: The Assistance You Need to Operate Your Business at Maximum Efficiency

As well as the traditional warehousing services that people have required from their warehousing partners, there are a whole host of services that allow for product customization and compliance needs that are now being offered. Choosing the right value-added services can really help companies to reduce the footprint of their finished goods across their whole inventory.

 Value-Added Services - Kitting & Final Assembly

Value-Added Services - Kitting & Final AssemblyThe first of the possible value-added services we are looking at is kitting and final assembly. Kitting is preassembling items into kits instead of shipping out the individual item. All those related items being group and packaged and supplied as one unit not only make things easier to ship, it also makes it a lot easier for the consumer you are shipping to.

If you were to order a whole bunch of parts that need to be used together, say for instance with a piece of electronic equipment, they would all be shipped as one unit.

Value-Added Services - Product Inspection & Compliance

Value-Added Services - Product Inspection & ComplianceAnother value-added service to consider is product inspection and compliance. Does your product need to be inspected so that it complies with certain regulations before it ships? If so, then it makes sense for that aspect of the whole supply chain to be implemented right next to the storage facility, where it can be done swiftly by trained professionals on-site and flowed straight back into the line to get it dispatched as soon as possible.

Light Manufacturing

Do you need some light manufacturing for your products done? Maybe a new line, or something that you are not set up for in your current location? Light manufacturing is another value-added service that may be beneficial to you.

A lot of warehouses now have trained staff that can provide this service to you. It can include but is not limited to, things such as apparel, home accessories, and electronics.

Product Localization

You may have a product that you have developed that needs to be tweaked for certain target markets that you have identified, and product localization is a value-added service that handles this need. For instance, maybe there is a change that is needed to the documentation that comes with a product, something that needs to be changed out because of language, cultural or some other requirement.


Sometimes you may need a product labeled, or it may need some kind of sticker notification attached to it that satisfies some local warning label regulation that is in place. Whatever the reason, it is something that can now be done by your warehousing company.
Product Rework & Recycling

If you need your product corrected because there is a defect in it, or it demonstrates a fault after inspection, you can get the work done by the company that warehouses your inventory, another very helpful value-added service. They will also recycle anything for you that cannot be salvaged.

You want to improve your supply chain and you want help optimizing your current warehousing setup. You may also need some help with the manufacturing side of your business as well. You are in the right place.

Being a one-stop-shop for whatever warehousing needs you have, American Manufacturing Solutions has all the value-added services you need, and a highly qualified staff that can help you by creating your products and packaging them, while providing you with excellent supply chain logistics that are going to help you keep your business expanding at the rate you want it to. For more information about our Value Added Services, please contact us today.

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