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Yard Management: The Key to Improving Efficiency

Yard Management: The Key to Improving Efficiency

When you are making sure your products get from A to B, you may have been thinking about how you track the shipment once it is on the road and making sure that you know when it arrives, more than you may have been thinking about how it enters into the supply chain. The more efficiently your yard is run, the more swiftly those deliveries are going to get out, and the happier your drivers and those workers loading the vehicles are going to be. The happier you are going to be. Yard management is the key.

 What Is Yard Management?

 What Is Yard Management?An important part of your logistics operation is to make sure that you know where trucks and trailers are in the yard of your manufacturing facility or distribution center. Yard management gives you control of these aspects of your operation, and lets you see in real-time where each asset is, what is happening with it, and where it has been allocated or can be allocated.  Meshing seamlessly with your warehouse management systems and your transport management systems, yard management allows you to have total control over where everything is in this part of your supply chain.

Why Do I Need Yard Management?

Why Do I Need Yard Management?This is the point where your products are going to be entering into an important part of the supply chain. If it is disordered, you can’t find where your equipment is located, and that is going to cost you a lot of time and money. Without yard management, you are going to have to do an onsite check, walking around with a clipboard checking every single thing in the yard to make sure it all tallies up.

With yard management, you are going to be able to track how swiftly something is moving through the line, and if and where it snags up. Yard management enables you to continually monitor and improve your supply chain as it operates in your yard, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Safety concerns can be handled very easily when you can point to a standardized method of moving your products through the line, and not needing someone to move around in the space making the checks also increases safety.

The fact that you are running a standard process means you can more easily identify it when it becomes erratic, and problems are going to be spotted more quickly. With yard management, troubleshooting becomes super easy.  The operation is going to be more efficient, with less queuing at the gate, and people moving through space much more easily.

The faster someone and their load gets processed through your yard, the more people you can pass through it. Shuttle drivers can receive, accept and confirm completion of move requests, with none of the slowdowns a traditionally run yard is going to experience.  If you have more than one yard, it also means you can coordinate better, and you are going to be getting an improved overview of your whole operation.

When you work with a company like American Manufacturing Solutions you are getting all their expertise in managing supply chains and warehousing, you get multiple warehousing locations and an ever-expanding fleet of trucks at your disposal. With professional yard management, your yard will run like clockwork and will become an even more efficient part of your whole operation. To learn more about yard management services, please contact us today.

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