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Expedited Freight - 5 Things To Know

Expedited Freight - 5 Things To Know

How do you know if Expedited Freight is the right choice for you? If you have anything that is time-sensitive with its delivery, you need to know about expedited delivery. Below are 5 things for you to look at when choosing this form of shipping.

What Is Expedited Freight?

5 Things To Know About Expedited FreightExpedited Freight shipping is pretty straight forward as a concept - if you have something that you need to get somewhere in a certain amount of time, because either the item is time-sensitive, or the client needs it for a certain event or by a deadline - expedited freight is going to get it there.

When your item is loaded onto the truck it is going to take the most A to B route possible, and if it does stop they are going to be limited to the number of times, and those stops are going to be conducted lightning fast.

Who Uses Expedited Freight Services?

Expedited Freight is used by a number of different people for a number of different reasons.

You may be sending something that doesn’t travel well over a long period of time, like food that needs to arrive very quickly.

You may have an important order that is for an event that absolutely cannot be late.

Say, you have a schedule that you need to hit exact deadlines, and you need a certain product to do it, and you had underestimated - expedited shipping is going to help you handle that problem.

How Do Logistics Plan Into Expedited Freight?

5 Things To Know About Expedited FreightWhen you deal with an experienced company that is used to managing regular Expedited Freight shipping orders, they are going to know that you want certain things from that order.

Time and speed are of the essence, but accuracy is also a vital part of the whole process, you need to know where the shipment is at any point, and when it reaches its endpoint, you need to know that it got to the right person. All of these situations will be handled by a professional shipping company.

What Distances Does Expedited Freight Shipping Cover?

Distance coverage should not be a factor for a good shipping company when it comes to Expedited Freight, but distance will obviously affect the time frame in which the delivery can be performed. This is something that you will need to discuss when you are setting up specific shipments.

Where you are sending it is also going to affect the method by which it is sent - whether it is deliverable by ground shipping or air, and this may obviously impact the cost.

Are Expedited Freight Services Just For Big Businesses?

No. If you need to get somewhere something fast, then Expedited Freight is the solution that you need to use.

The shipping company that you choose to help you with your expedited freight needs is going to have packages that are going to match your company’s requirements, and they will be able to advise you on the best cost, and the most efficient set up.


Having someone who can set up whatever shipping solutions you need, whether it be FTL, LTL, or Expedited Freight shipping is essential. Contact American Manufacturing Solutions today to have us set up great shipment options for you and your customers!

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