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FTL Freight - 4 Advantages over LTL

FTL Freight - 4 Advantages over LTL

Do you understand the difference between FTL Freight and LTL Freight? Depending on the size of your shipment, making the right choice can be key to getting your goods exactly where they need to go in the most expedient fashion. Your FTL Freight expert will be able to help you make the right choice.

FTL Freight - 4 Advantages over LTLFTL Freight Is The Best Way To Transport Large Shipments

If you are dealing with large shipments then FTL Freight is definitely the best answer for you. It makes sense that you would need a whole truck for a full truckload.

Having a large number of pallets and getting them to the destination in one go, as quickly as possible, is the aim, and FTL Freight is going to do that.

There is no point in breaking up the shipment into smaller amounts and sending it out separately, this just makes something very simple overly complicated.

FTL Freight Ideal For High Risk Or Delicate Freight Shipments

If the items that you are shipping are time-sensitive, or perhaps they need to be maintained at a certain temperature, you don’t want to send them LTL, where there may be some variables that are less controllable.

Using FTL Freight you know that your items are the only ones in the truck and that the truck is set up exactly as you intended it to be, and it is going to be the only thing being delivered, so you have full control of it from point A to point B. It is that extra bit of insurance you might need.

FTL Freight - 4 Advantages over LTLWith FTL Freight The Shipment Remains In The Same Truck From Point A To Point B

As you have seen FTL Freight is useful not just for large shipments. You may not have enough to make a full truckload, but there are other reasons for choosing this method.

It can definitely simplify tracking the item in the supply chain and knowing exactly where it is. If it is in a truck being used for LTL Freight it is going to have more delivery stops, and you may want to limit the risks of it being mistakenly dropped off elsewhere, or delayed.

FTL Freight is also the best solution if you are wanting your good to be shipped in a dedicated truck.

FTL Is Considerably Faster Than LTL; Great For High Consumer Demand

It may cost more than LTL Freight, but FTL Freight is a lot faster, and if you have a time crunch on delivery it is ideal. This is due to the fact that your shipment will be in the same truck from point A to point B.

Also, If you have an increased demand for your product, rather than some of the smaller orders you may have been sending by LTL, this is going to meet that higher consumer demand.


With all of this data in mind, if you are still not sure what kind of freight solution works best for you, you should talk to an expert in supply chain logistics.

American Manufacturing Logistics will be able to discover what your needs are, and what would make the most sense for you as a solution, and then provide it to you. Contact us today to have us help with your logistics needs!

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